Your Cable Choice and the Money Savings

In a world of competitive marketing and advertising, it is hard to know what cable company is better and who gives the best offers.  Well to sum it up probably none of them really, because they are all connected to a monopoly in some way.  However, the best thing most want to focus on is what they really want and to save a little money in the process.

Additionally, I found it difficult in researching companies like Time Warner Cable and Comcast on the internet because of the abundant amount of negative reports and reviews.  This makes it hard to sift through finding the most accurate and basic information needed to make a good decision.  However, I did find a great article in Consumer Reports this June describing what these companies offer and how best to save our hard earned dough.

With companies like Time Warner Cable and Comcast Consumer Reports, suggest doing a little bargaining before subscribing or bundling to save the most.  Next, they were very accurate when describing the rising rates of cable companies like the ones mentioned and what there consumers did to get these rising rates in check.  The simplest answer was to threaten to cancel or suggest switching to a satellite provider.  This grabs their attention and they will transfer you to customer retention.

To be honest why wouldn’t they just save the time and effort when it comes down to 5-10 dollars a month and just reduce your rate or give you something extra special like a movie channel for free.  It’s not that difficult and it pleases customers.

Another option to save money with cable companies is to possibly go basic and drop the DVR option.  Most of us really do not need the DVR option when we really think about it.  It will be like the old days when we actually got excited to see a show and made time to watch it if it was important.

Comcast is still leading the way in high-speed internet and Time Warner Cable has superior customer services in comparison.  They both offer bundling deals and both have rising rates as time goes by.   Most of the time deciding on these two is not even a competition in some areas but soon with the merging of Verizon with these two giants knowing which one you want will be more important.

The most important thing in these economic times is which one will you save the most money when first signing up because it will help to balance out as rates begin to rise as time goes by.

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