DIRECTV Offers More

My husband and I have had every type of cable and satellite system offered in this area.  We have had Dish Network, DIRECTV, and Time Warner Cable.  We have switched many times seeking the best deals and service delivery.  My husband generally would get frustrated with rising prices on our bills after a year of service.  This trend would sometimes go up a little every month when we were cable customers.  I would get tired of the constant interruption in services whenever they were network wars with the satellite companies.  It was FX and AMC that seemed to cause the most problems.

Customers would complain about something and switch to the company who did carry the channel including us.  Eventually the satellite company would get the channel again because of the decrease in sales.  After many years of switching back and forth, my husband and I have settled with DIRECTV.  In general, we feel that DIRECTV does give the best package deals and service delivery.  In regards to the best customer service TWC definitely falls below par and there is not much of a difference in DISH or DIRECTV.

Both of these satellite companies have good customer service.  Sure sometimes they both have bad days now and then but generally I have not found much of a difference.  It really is about what DIRECTV delivers in their package items including more channels, sports packages and content that we enjoy.

My parents switched to DISH Network on an impulse after a bad situation with a customer service representative with DIRECTV.  It has been about 3 months since they switched.  When my mother was at our home this past weekend she expressed how much she really missed DIRECTV and wished that she never had switched just because of one bad experience.  She had no huge complaint about DISH except that the package they pay for is just not as great as DIRECTV.

Previously they were loyal customers of DIRECTV for ten years without ever switching and had good customer service for ten years.  I would have to say that is a great record of accomplishment for DIRECTV.  In the end, it is all about who has the best packages for your life and with all the different options that DIRECTV offers it just makes good sense to be their customer.

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