DISH Network Packages Meet the Challenges

Everything in this high-speed world comes down to a choice and some sort of plan.  We have plans for cell phones, alarm systems, insurance, and of course television.  Then adding to the plan predicament and choice of choosing something, we have packages within those plans offering bundling deals and internet to our cell phone and wireless detection.  Technology is supposed to make our lives easier and in many cases it does, but sometimes it can be a pain in neck to cipher through all the techno mumbo jumbo and fast-talking sales people.

What happened to the concept of simplicity?  Yes, I may sound like I was born in the forties, but I was born in the eighties.  No matter the era I was born, I still like it simple and to the point.  I get so mixed up when hearing about all the upgrades and package choices especially with my television viewing.  I want what I need and nothing more.  I want to be able to get basic television minus all the sports and maybe throw in some movie channels along with a DVR tool.

This then leads me to do research which can be a daunting task in itself especially since everybody is always offering some sort of sign on bonus or free upgrade for set amount of months.  I guess in the end I really strive to get my needs met and save as much money as I can.

I also do not like to play games and tricks on the cable and satellite sales people making them think that I am unhappy with another service or their services to get something for free only to lose it in a matter of months.  I just want consistency.  This is why I love Dish Network.

Dish Network allows me to have free HD channels included in my package unlike DIRECTV.  I get free DVR included in my package unlike Time Warner who charges five bucks a month for that option.  Dish Network gives me international programming up to 28 different languages unlike DIRECTV only giving about nine languages.  This alone speaks volumes about diversity options.  Dish Network allows me to have service anywhere if I every decided to relocate.  I cannot say the same about cable companies.    Dish Network has the lowest basic prices as well then the other companies and giving me the most for what I buy at 24.99 a month.

Remember when choosing all the plans and packages that are abundant in our lives choose what fits your lifestyle the best and saves you the most money over the long run.

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