DISH Network Packages Review

DISH Network was established in 1996 and has created a competitive edge against their main competitor DIRECTV.  DIRECTV at one time led the way in satellite offers and innovative technology.  However, they can no longer claim to have the best satellite and technology services as the once could.

DISH Network is currently giving more for the money offering more channels, upgrades and HD programming.  Right now if comparing DIRECTV’s and DISH Network’s basic package a consumer would save up 30 dollars receiving more with DISH’s basic package than DIRECTV’s.   DISH’s basic package includes Starz, HBO, and Cinemax included free whereas DIRECTV charges 14.99 additionally. Also DIRECTV charges 10 dollars extra for HD and DISH gives this option free.

The current promotion that DISH Network offers is awesome making it an obvious choice when choosing satellite television.  The promotion includes:

Additionally if you upgrade to DISH’s top 200 packages you will receive a free HD DVR Hopper with the package.  The Hopper allows up to six TV to record show simultaneously.  How cool is that?  This will eliminate any bickering amongst family members over who gets to watch what and any upset about recording different shows at the same time.  The Hopper allows features that have never been seen before.  They include:

  • Primetime Anytime that gives you instant On Demand access to all your favorite primetime shows on ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX in HD
  • Watch 4 separate HD programs on different TVs4x the HD hard drive storage space than cable
  • Begin watching live TV in one room, pause and continue watching the same show in another without any specialized equipment

With deals and technology like this DISH Network has set their presence in stone in their market.  It will be exciting to see what technology and surprises are in store for us in 2013 and the future.


Review by customer Wayne Sallum

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