DISH vs. Time Warner Cable: Package Options

DISH Network provides great packages at great cost no matter what the misleading commercials state on various other satellite and cable providers.  I have been a customer of DISH Network for years and have stuck with them even when things got rough when networks were being negotiated.  When you get right down to comparing Time Warner Cable and DISH Network, you get a much better deal with DISH.

I have been a DISH Network customer for three years previously being a TWC customer.  With DISH Network’s basic package you can get free HBO, Cinemax and Starz free and TWC charges an additional 13.00 per month.  Besides this additional fee for favorite movie channels, TWC basic start is 28 dollars more than DISH’s.

Also included in my basic package is free HD where TWC limits this option.  DISH also allows customers to have free video on demand and TWC charges 10 more.  TWC also charges 5 dollars a month for DVR availability.  When you add this up TWC cost more 56.00 dollars more than DISH to get a basic package.  With that additional cost of having TWC, I could upgrade my DISH package getting more for my money or even pay a bill.

Additionally when comparing DISH and TWC, DISH allows Sirius Radio in the basic package. TWC does not.  Moreover, I am able to watch my favorite shows on the go anywhere with my iPhone, DISH Network includes this option in my basic package, and TWC does not.  My husband is also thrilled that DISH includes regional network sports channels whereas TWC does not include this option.

Then the last benefit of the basic package is being able to have 28 International programming choices and TWC only gives ten International programming choices.  What a great benefit for those individuals benefitting from International Programming.

When you really look at the comparison of both television providers, DISH Network comes out on top.  The basic package DISH Network offers saves money including more options than TWC.  This is the reason why I have been a loyal customer of DISH Network for three years.


Review by customer Jenn Brighton


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