DISH is a well known favorite among satellite TV subscribers everywhere for their cutting edge technologies and their commitment to providing as many standard and HD channels as possible. All DISH packages include free local channels over and above the national channel favorites that come within each package, and popular movie, sports, and niche channel upgrades are made affordable enough to where subscribers can custom build a programming package that best suits their taste and needs.

DISH Packages and Upgrades

DISH sets the standard when it comes to providing the most package choices that are custom suited to those that seek family programming, movies, or sports. Even though each of the DISH packages carry a multitude of channel choices to keep every viewer content with more than enough programming to suit them, there are upgrades available such as @Home that carries over 100,00 titles by mail, sports packages such as the Multi-Sport Pack that offer various channels dedicated to different sports, and family oriented upgrades like the Heartland Package that carries 5 channels dedicated to wholesome programming. Current DISH packages include:

  • Smart Pack - $19.99* | Provides over 55 channels of family oriented programming along with free local channels
  • America's Top 120 - $24.99* | Provides over 190 highly popular channels that includes HD channels and free local channels
  • America's Top 120+ - $29.99* | Provides over 190 highly popular channels that includes HD channels, free local channels + Regional Sports networks
  • America's Top 200 - $34.99* | Provides over 220 highly popular channels that includes HD channels and free local channels
  • America's Top 250 - $39.99* | Provides over 260 highly popular channels that includes HD channels and free local channels
  • Everything Pak - $74.99* | Provides over 300 highly popular channels that includes HD channels and free local channels

*per month for 12-months with 24-month Agreement

DISH Deals

Saving customers money by getting the latest deals and special offers is how DISH provides the opportunity for subscribers to test drive various services and upgrades. Listed below are the latest promotions from DISH:

  • FREE @Home for 3 months1
  • FREE HBO®, Cinemax®, Showtime®, and Starz® for 3 months2
  • Sling Adapter for only $49.99 and enjoy TV EverywhereTM Technology!!
  • FREE HD DVR Upgrade3
  • HD FREE for Life4
  • FREE Installation in up to 6 rooms

1 - Regularly $10/mo (one disc at a time)
2 - Offer subject to change based on premium movie channel availability
3 - with qualifying package ($6/mo DVR Service fee applies). Cannot be combined with Hopper System.
4 - with qualifying packages and 24-month Agreement

DISH Technology

DISH leads the way in providing technological advances in home entertainment that allow subscribers to get the most out of their DISH Network subscription. Here are a few of the technologies that DISH customers can get:

  • DISH Hopper - A whole-home HD DVR that allows you to record up to 6 HD shows at once during primetime.* It has the largest available whole-home HD DVR storage, with a 2TB hard drive that can record up to 500 hours of HD programming.
  • DISH ViP® 922 SlingLoadedTM HD DVR - An HD-DVR that uses the "Sling" technology where you can record or watch live broadcasts and recorded shows on your remote devices like your iPhone, Smartphone, Tablet, or laptop.
  • DISH Tailgater - A portable satellite TV system that allows you to get direct satellite connections anywhere you can get an open view to the southern sky. It's for RV owners, camping enthusiasts, and football game tailgaters.

*Feature must be enabled by customer.

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