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Comcast Makes a Happy Customer

Recently Comcast bundle packages became available in my area.  Now TWC does not own the market here in North Carolina.  I was excited to sign up for Comcast Xfinity triple play package.  IT gives me everything I need with just one company.  This package gives me the freedom to have one bill at the end of the month with all my needs verses receiving two separate bills with my previous service providers.  The price is unbeatable in my opinion for what you receive for a year.  First, I get unlimited nationwide calling with my phone service.  This means I am able to call my best friend in TN not having to worry about how long we talk or what my long distant charges will be. My husband is able to call his in-laws in New York and New Jersey to see how they are doing.  This has been especially important feature to him over the last couple of weeks after the devastation of Superstorm Sandy in those two states.  The internet speed is great especially since it has PowerBoost technology.  I am able to access and stream live videos.  Moreover, it came with Norton Security Suite to protect me from any nasty internet or computer viruses.   It also gives me the opportunity to watch shows on my laptop when my husband is hogging the television.  With my package, I get over 80 digital channels including all my favorite music channels, my son’s favorite cartoon channels, sports channels, and movie channel.  Additionally, I get Showtime free for three months.  One more thing I love about my new Comcast subscription is there homepage where I can sign in synchronizing all my Xfinity services with my internet service or home page.  I can check my voicemail, text messages, email, get Xfinity on demand and check my home security system if I had one from virtually anywhere.  How cool is that!  As long as I have a laptop, I can get on my stuff anywhere.  Another added bonus was the free 100-dollar prepaid Visa gift card that I received for signing up with Comcast.  The best part is that all of this only cost my 89 dollars a month.  This is the best price around.  Thanks to Comcast, I get all my services at an affordable price and the gift card will be paying for my Thanksgiving dinner this year.

Making the Right Satellite or Cable TV Choice

When searching for the right satellite or cable package for your home entertainment needs can be extremely discouraging.  First, all of the cable and satellite companies always have some sort of special advertising in competition with another company.  All of the companies usually brag about their deals compared to their competitors.  Usually all of them boast they have the better technology and some of them do.  Most of them make comparisons describing why their services are better trying to denigrate the competitor’s customer service capabilities.

In reality, they have all experienced problems at one time or another receiving bad customer service reviews.  It is unrealistic to think that all of these companies have perfect customer service.  Customer services is a great benefit when choosing satellite or cable and as it stands research suggest that Dish Network and Time Warner has an overall better customer service experience.

They all offer great packages whether you compare tv channels options or not.  All of them can give you a package that you want for a price whether it is higher or lower than the competition.  It really comes to down to the access, availability, and affordability.  The three A’s are really what potential subscribers and discontent subscribers need to pay attention to when signing on or switching television providers.

Cable companies have great service options and internet bundling packages but they are not always available in your areas of residence thus making it inaccessible.  Satellite on the other had can be accessed anywhere and usually have prompt hook up within a week of subscription.   All of them have relatively competitive rates but what really needs to be a point of interest is longevity.  Often times after a year rates start to increase so be mindful of this and ask questions to the sales representatives.  Make sure they explain how service options and rates will increase in the future.

Satellite companies like Dish Network and DIRECTV have great packages usually giving free DVR whereas TWC and Comcast charge a little extra every month.  Satellite companies are the only providers giving you full access across the country but cable companies offer better internet service.

When choosing television providers make sure to ask, the right questions choosing a package that you need eliminating any of the extra stuff not needed.  Make sure to ask about rate increases and choose what you can afford instead of what sounds good.  Asking the right questions can decrease the amount of headache down the road when things begin to change.